Performance Attire

Dress Requirements – FOR ALL LSCC MEMBERS:
  • Dress rehearsal attire:
    • ALL STUDENTS are expected to wear LSCC polos with the LSCC insignia and black pants/skirt for dress rehearsals. Required shirts may be purchased HERE.
  • Performance attire:
    • Preparatory and Intermediate Choirs: Members wear red LSCC logo polos (see link above) and black pants with dark shoes and dark socks.
    • Advanced Choir: Girls wear white tux shirts (available at Geno’s, Hobby Lobby, and other distributors), black pants or skirt (knee length or longer), dark shoes, and dark socks or stockings. Boys wear white tux shirts, black pants, dark shoes, and dark socks.
    • Chamber Choir: Girls wear a long, black dress (youth D455 or ladies D735) to be purchased from Southeastern Apparel,  black shoes (no high heels) and nude hose (it takes 3-5 weeks delivery; if you have questions for them, call 800.821.8270). Boys wear regular black dress shirts, black cavalier pants, and a red tie.
    • Members of Chamber and Advanced Choirs will also be provided red vests from LSCC. Vests must be returned in good condition at the end of the year or when a student leaves the group.