Making A Bequest

Homecoming DressesNaming The Lexington Singers in your will or trust is a simple and lasting way to leave a legacy and to support music in our community.  Your legacy will make a difference for generations to come.

Your attorney can include a provision in your will or trust that provides for a gift to The Lexington Singers. This can be done when you make or amend a will or trust, or, in many cases, a codicil for this purpose can be prepared without rewriting your plans. The following legal designation should be used:

The Lexington Singers, a Kentucky non-profit corporation with offices in Lexington, Kentucky with tax identification number 61-6058015.

There are different ways to make a bequest gift. You can name us to receive a specific gift, for example “I bequeath the sum of Ten Thousand Dollars ($10,000).” Or, you can state a percentage of your estate such as “I bequeath 10% (ten percent) of my estate”.  You can also name us to receive the residual of your estate after specific gifts are distributed to others and all expenses of the estate are paid.

Gifts through your will or trust offer many advantages. There is currently no limit on the federal estate tax deduction for gifts through your will. Your assets remain in your control during your lifetime. You can change your mind if circumstances change. There is zero cost to you today in making this commitment and the charitable estate tax deduction will reduce your estate taxes on non-charitable bequests.

Most importantly, a bequest provides you with the assurance of knowing how your assets will be used after your lifetime.  Your gift will support music programs in the future just as you are supporting our programs today.

Please contact us at 859.338.9888 or email us at for more information. It is important to consult with your own advisor as we cannot provide legal or tax advice. All inquiries are kept in the strictest confidence. We would be honored to assist you and your advisors in planning your legacy of music.

If you have already included The Lexington Singers in your estate plans, we would like to honor and recognize your generosity by including you in our legacy society, or if you prefer, your commitment will be kept anonymous. Either way, please let us know of your plans so we can be sure to honor your wishes. Thank you!