For your ease and convenience, Parents and Guardians of Lexington Singers Children’s Choir students are encouraged and welcome to make tuition payments online. Full reduced tuition payments for the year (upcoming Fall/Spring semesters) can be made from July 1 to September 30 of each calendar year. After September 30, you MUST the full tuition for each semester ($150.00 or $130.00 per Fall and Spring semester). IMPORTANT: Lexington Singers will absorb payment fees for Yearly tuition payments ONLY. Semester tuition payments will be charged a small fee processing fee.

Full Tuition Payment (Fall/Spring 2018-19)

Active July 1-Sep 30. Must pay single semester price after date.
Child/Student’s Name

Single Semester Payment (Fall or Spring)

Semester pay ONLY, will be charged a transaction fee.
Choir, Student, and Semester