Join The Lexington Singers

Thank you for your interest in auditioning for the Lexington Singers. The purpose of The Lexington Singers is to bring the opportunity for the performance and enjoyment of good choral music to Lexington and Central Kentucky. We appreciate your interest and hope to see you again soon — either as a Lexington Singer or in the audience as a patron. Both are equally important to us! The number of singers needed and the voice ranges required will change from semester to semester and season to season. After all scheduled auditionees have had the opportunity to audition, each individual will be notified will be notified to thank you for auditioning and you will be told then if you are accepted.If you are not accepted, please do not let that discourage you from auditioning again; we are often unable to accept excellent vocalists simply because the number of singers in that voice part is filled, so don’t hesitate to audition again in the future. Again, we thank you for your interest in the Lexington Singers, and good luck! Sincerely, Cora Hughes, President
  12314335_10153382103783235_1778568029592491039_oRehearsals Rehearsals are held every Monday evening from 7:15-9:45 P.M. in the sanctuary of the First United Methodist Church downtown at 200 W. High St. (on the corner of Mill and High Streets). Attendance at all rehearsals and performances is mandatory. If you miss more than three rehearsals in one semester, you may be asked to demonstrate to the Music Director that you can perform the required music. Each section (SATB) has a leader, who must be called if you will be late or if you have to miss a rehearsal. Roll is taken at every rehearsal and performance. At the first rehearsal each semester, dues are collected and members pick up new music. Dues currently are $135 per semester. Checks should be payable to The Lexington Singers. Leave of Absence A Leave of Absence may be requested, in writing, thirty days prior to the beginning of each semester if a foreseeable conflict arises; requests must be sent to the chairperson of the Leaves Committee. In the case of extreme emergencies, leaves may be granted during the course of the semester. Dues must be paid by all members who are on leave. Concert Wardrobe The concert wardrobe for men is a black tuxedo with shawl-type lapel and black 3″ bow tie. For the first part of the season, black cummerbund — but later in the season, black (reversible) formal vest (these will be supplied by our wardrobe committee and you will pay our cost — about $40). The outfit will include black shoes and socks, white pleated or plain-front shirt (no ruffles) and appropriate cufflinks and studs. Tuxedo suits which differ in minor respects from these standards are generally acceptable provided they blend in with the rest of the ensemble. Women wear identical black dresses with jackets, ordered through the organization for a cost of $80 per member. Black shoes/hose are required. Accessories change for different concerts. A special top (for women) and tie/vest (for men) is required for the Pops concerts and may be purchased or rented. Our wardrobe chair will be available at the first rehearsal to answer any questions. The Lexington Singers Community While not required, all members are strongly encouraged to enter into the community of the Lexington Singers which keeps our organization running. This includes selling tickets and advertising for our concert programs, participating in “run out” events (performances that are not part of the regular program calendar that you find on the website) and providing leadership and support in serving on one or more committees. These activities are what makes The Lexington Singers really fun, and result in friendships that last a lifetime. The Audition The audition will include tonal matching, determination of range and some sight reading. No prepared piece is needed. Auditions are tightly scheduled and you are requested to come 15 minutes prior to your scheduled time slot to allow time for any questions to be answered or for adjustments in the schedule. Please take a few minutes and review our by-laws. If you are interested in auditioning for the Lexington Singers, please click here and you will be contacted later to schedule your audition. If you have a child interested in joining the Lexington Singers Children’s Choir, please click here to learn more about joining LSCC.